Postdoctoral Researchers

Saarbrücken, Germany


CISPA maintains an open, international and diverse work environment and seeks applications from outstanding students regardless of their national origin or citizenship. The working language is English.

The center is committed to increasing the representation of women, minorities, and individuals with disabilities in Computer Science. In accordance with the Equal Opportunity Plan, the institute aims at increasing the number of women in Computer Science, and explicitly encourages women to apply. Applications of severely disabled candidates with equivalent qualifications will be given priority. In general, we welcome applications regardless of gender, nationality, ethnic and social origin, religion, disability, age and sexual orientation and identity.

Postdoctoral Positions

Postdoctoral researchers have the opportunity to work with CISPA faculty on existing lines of research, as well as develop their own research agenda under CISPA faculty supervision. Former postdoctoral researchers have moved on to take permanent position at top universities and research laboratories worldwide, including Carnegy Mellon, Microsoft Research, IMDEA and INRIA.

Qualified candidates who wish to work as postdoctoral researcher at CISPA may apply at any time. We will accepts applications throughout the year for exceptionally strong candidates. To start with the application process, just click on the Apply now button!

If you hold a foreign higher education qualification (acquired outside of Germany), you might have to submit a Statement of Comparability for Foreign Higher Education Qualifications, if you are accepted. For more information (including a FAQ, how to apply, and why is it necessary), please refer to the official website (in English):

Highlighted Positions

Company team

The group of Andreas Zeller is looking for Ph.D. candidates and Postdocs with research interests in program analysis, software testing, and automated debugging. Research topics include novel methods for highly efficient software testing; mining specifications for inputs and programs; synthesizing oracles; explaining software failures; and more. Find Andreas Zeller here:

Company team

The group of Cas Cremers is looking for Postdocs with research interests in applied cryptography, provable security, automated analysis, formal methods, or protocol design. Our group works in the intersection between provable security and  formal methods for automated security analysis. Our members bring together expertise from a range of subdomains, and research ranges from theory and tools (e.g. the Tamarin prover) to real-world protocol analysis (Signal, MLS, TLS). Find Cas Cremers here:


The CISPA Helmholtz Center for Information Security provides a unique work environment that offers the advantages of a university department and a research laboratory alike. As the latest member of the Helmholtz Association, the largest research organization in Germany, CISPA has embarked on a mission: to rethink the digitalized world of the future from the ground up and make it safer through innovative cutting-edge research. In the medium term, the center will grow to more than 800 employees with not less than 60 Faculty and research group leaders. Faculty receive extremely competitive institutional funding, enjoy academic freedom, and build and lead their team of young researchers, and are granted the opportunity to teach graduate and undergraduate courses. 

CISPA is located in Saarbrücken, in the tri-border area of Germany, France, and Luxembourg. We maintain an international and diverse work environment and seek applications from outstanding researchers worldwide. The working language is English. A command of German is not required for a successful career at CISPA.

All information on the processing of your personal data, your statements in the application process and your data privacy rights can be found in our data privacy policy.